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Companies Near Me

Not all internet companies offer the Affordable Connectivity Program.

To find an ACP company in your area, use the Companies Near Me tool beginning December 31, 2021. You can search using your Zip code or your city and state. If you would like to see the full list of options, click on “see the list of companies in your state.” Consumers may also be eligible for a one-time discount on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet through the ACP. However, not all internet companies offer the device benefit. Ask your internet company if they offer devices or visit the FCC’s website to see a list of companies who offer the device benefit.

Note: in the tool, “ACP Home Internet” refers to home internet service and “ACP Mobile Internet” refers to wireless internet services.

More About the Data

The Companies Near Me tool is powered by USAC’s Open Data initiative. This initiative allows the public to explore and analyze information submitted by universal service program participants.